0-day streak
kicad go brrr
linker errors :ahhhhhh:
porting a driver written in python to rust!
~back to neovim~
Building an I2C bus :cooll-thumbs:
My first pcbs arrived! Just soldered 3 of them :)
finished learning about i2c and reading the IS31FL3731's data sheet. It works!!!!!
use std:Duration};

use rppal::i2c::I2c;

fn main() {
    let mut i2c = I2c::new().expect("Failed to init i2c");

        .expect("Failed to set slave address");

    for row in 0..6 {
        i2c.block_write(0x24 + row * 24, &vec![8; 24].into_boxed_slice())
            .expect("Failed to write fill command");
spain without the s
got these cool little toggle switches!
I’ve officially been programming for over 3 years :) It’s been amazing so far and I want to see what happens next. I joined hackclub when I’d only been programming for about 9 months. time flies when you’re having fun!
merry christmas y'all! got some fun goodies from adafruit!
important addition to my wallet
made this cool little animation for my new website using framer motion!
Got some cool keycaps for my keyboard :tompog:
Using 3b1b’s animation engine called manim for a presentation in physics!
Been making a bunch of improvements over the past few days to my website! New responsive design, and an about me page!
Spent the past few days redesigning my website. Much cleaner codebase, better responsive layout, light mode, and some pretty sick animations when loading in. Would love some feedback :)
:vercel: Wanted a super chill project to work on over the weekend so I made verpi, a program to show the status of your vercel deployments on a small light strip! Alongside a super clean codebase it also has this nifty little python script to compile a binary on the pi without changing your local environment one bit! Below is a quick demo:
Rode 84 miles in Acadia this week! Tons of climbing and amazing weather. I’ve got some photos from my camera that I hauled the whole time that I’ll share here once edited! Coming home tmr :sad-yeehaw:
Sunset photography in Acadia National Park, Maine! I’ll be editing on the drive home this weekend so I should have cool photos to post :)
rust analyzer is drunk
:blackbird: :blackbird: :blackbird: :blackbird: :blackbird: A new blackbird release is out! v5.0.0 brings blackbird dusk, a slightly lighter version of blackbird with all the same juicy colors. There are also a few other changes such as custom diff colors and color unifications (such as deep blue being used for arithmetic operations as it is already used for numbers). On the left is blackbird midnight (classic blackbird) and on the right is blackbird dusk. Get it fresh off the press on the vscode store!
Went on a little ride today which had a bunch of climbing! max speed of 34 mph 😈. 1,161ft of elevation climbed 🧗‍♂️.
you can have source control be in the bottom panel!?!?
my vscode broke :wtf:
They are everywhere :ferris-bane:
Blackbirded my bike 😎
🚨 See the slack! With the power of @JoeBunyan I made a raspberry sense hat LED matrix display show activity on the slack. This was my first time working with websockets and hashing algorithms! It was a super fun project to work on this weekend with @caleb and @rishi! I’ll be sending it to HQ later this week so they can put it up somewhere. @rishi should be shipping the other part of this project soon :tompog:@caleb made @JoeBunyan which provides a ~super secret~ websocket stream.  (p.s. only channels that have @JoeBunyan installed will actually be shown on the pi). Happy hacking everyone!
Won first place for the second year in a row for the intern innovation challenge!! Lets gooo
blackbird sticker!!
internet points go brrrrrr
really loving this wallpaper
reached over 1,000 installs for blackbird!!
Went on a nice long ride today! Watching Cavendish in the tour today got me excited for a ride. Got a GitHub sticker for my bike!
Doing some GraphQL pagination for a tool I am building called solar!
Went on a nice hilly ride today! Max speed of 33 mph 😎
Sun shower! 🌦️
all the folders for my user on my computer
Converted my almost my entire downloaded music collection (over 1000 songs!) to lossless audio :catjam:
Over the past week I’ve been learning the homerow method of typing! With the help of a few sites my typing speed is to a solid 63wpm average! Still not as fast as what I was doing before (80wpm+) but my accuracy is sooo much better. Hitting keys like {} and _ are super weird to do with the pinky tho.
made my own status line for vim!
Got my CalebConf ticket!
Finally setup zathura for viewing my LaTeX documents automatically from vim!
Got vim to automatically insert a new \item when I run o , O , or hit the enter key!
switched over to a bitmap font!
Like @caleb I’ve been working on my vim setup over the last day or two. Super glad I got it working well with polygot and with coc!
working on my own keyboard design!
trying out vscode vim for like the billionth time. Hopefully I actually get used to it :bro:
Did the drumstick loop today! Was pretty cold but it was super nice out. Had a bunch of climbing and then this big old downhill. Ended up going over 30mph on the downhill!
Went on another nice little ride today! It was supposed to rain today but my dad and I were able to squeeze in a nice ride. Also added a little about me page to my website last night!
went on a super nice, relaxing, climbing ride today!
On vacation in Woodstock Vermont!! In the house we are renting they have this cool little desk!
Soldering on some pins to my raspberry pie zero w. (please ignore the shitty solder job, I am very new lol)
Made my first little circuits in LaTeX!
playing around with circuitikz to be able to make electrical circuits In LaTeX!
Over the past few days I have been rewriting my first GitHub action, profile_stack , in rust from python! The action now runs 4 times faster, has some rock solid unit tests, improved documentation, a super clean codebase, and an army of crabs :ferrisbongo:! Super glad that I am finally getting comfortable with rust :) ~I am starting to see why there is a rust cult~
Reading some ~Top Secret~ documents for APUSH :poggers:
got my docker install of cargo-make to install the existing binary so my images don’t take 8 minutes to build!
~I write the best unit tests~
Made a wallpaper for blackbird!
organizing some of my photos from 2018 :)
compiling a rust binary :sad-rat:
Fixed the extension overview for blackbird!!
Literally one of the best songs ever. Ahhhhhhhhh it’s soooo good
Improved the title logo for blackbird! (yes I traced the SR-71 blackbird pen tool)
Did some photo editing to make this photo of the SR-71 blackbird b&w with deep blacks :)
Fixed the display style for my explain-math LaTeX package so fractions don’t look tiny!!
using shorty for the sources of one of my worksheets in school 😎
March APUSH notes :sad-yeehaw:
welcome to digital darkness
Caleb’s new project called shorty is super awesome! I even made a little raycast script for it to randomly generate a name for the url and copy it to the clipboard:

# @raycast.schemaVersion 1
# @raycast.title Add Shorty Link (Automatic)
# @raycast.mode silent
# @raycast.packageName Shorty
# Documentation:
# Matthew Gleich
# @raycast.authorURL <>
# @raycast.argument1 { "type": "text", "placeholder": "URL" }

# token
# e.g. <>


curl "$SHORTY_DOMAIN/api/link/$RANDOM_NUMBER" -d "url=$1" -H "Authorization: Bearer $SHORTY_TOKEN" &gt;&gt;/dev/null

echo $URL | pbcopy
echo "Copied $URL to clipboard"
The PRs I made to the cargo book and website got merged today!
I am currently vibing in polyglot heaven
Made this little website for my drug project presentation in a month! I even added a toast notification explaining to the user that they need to use the arrow keys :)
ok just started reading the rust book and damn cargo is sooooo much better than go modules. Excited to learn more about rust!
I highly suggest that everyone add a herd of turtles to their website
React is actually super fun!
Signed up for the brave search beta!
fcd powered by fgh go brrrrr (Thanks again @caleb for getting the autocomplete to work!)
hit a new git commit record 😎 Just for some context I built an entire ~3,000 line cli for this contracting job I got. Just have to build the github action, write docs , and release :ultrafastparrot:
holy shit you can put the terminal, file explorer, and scm on the side bar. SO OP
done refactoring :ultrafastparrot:
Spent sometime tonight making vscode look good :)
Refactoring error handling for fgh
Thank you so much Hugo for the stickers! (NASA and Next.js)
Made my website responsive with some media queries :ultrafastparrot:
Mindnode is sooooooo op
Just closed all my rings for January!
setup my first API today! Hosted on a DigitalOcean VPS in CapRover :ultrafastparrot:
Made a custom #raycast to get my project links instantly
Coding crazy fast with fgh and raycast :ultrafastparrot:
forgot to share this yesterday lol First week of all rings closed done :)
Made this cool little frameworks app in pure SwiftUI as part of my iOS course!
Got my yearly review from wakatime!
Another year in the books. Have a good 2021 everyone!
Got the core logic of my Nuke desktop app working! Just need to design a logo, add sparkle for auto-updates, and refactor the very basic UI to SwiftUI
Finished the initial paperwork and created the logo for my company Magnesium Software LLC!
Reached 200 followers on GitHub! :github: :githubparrot:
Thank you so much for the gift staff! ❤️ #matthew-legion for life ✊
java isn’t actually that bad
👁️ :eye2:
Using @jasonaa’s word counter for a APUSH assignment where we need to make tweets :ultrafastparrot:
Just switched over to Firefox!
fcd is sooo op
my gpu doesn’t like electron
dark mode papers :darkmodeparrot:
Moved a bunch of my app icons over to big sur designs!
Started using @rishi’s ll project for my socials! Love the UI and it is fast as frick :ultrafastparrot:
Created a logo for my fgh project!
:caleb1: :caleb2: :caleb3: :caleb4:
I’m now only going to CalebConf 2020
Started design and legal work on my newest and possibly biggest project, House Cat! House Cat is a 100% native GitHub client written in swiftUI. I use GitHub all the time and using an app instead of the website would be a huge productivity boost for me. Below is the logo I made in Figma!
Removed a lot of stickers off my laptop! The stickers I kept on are kinda in weird spots now :/
My pull request to the GitHub CLI got merged!
The creators of geist, the design language for vercel, starred our WIP implementation for flutter!
Finally finished setting up my new macOS instance! Crazy how much space I saved. I was using ~750GB on my last instance now I am only using ~120GB with everything installed!
Got my hack club stickers! I wonder if I have enough lol. Thank you hq!!
Created a basic webpage for my new react website!
Here is my macOS rice for #ricing!
Going night riding with the camera gear in Acadia National Park! Bringing the tripod and wide lenses so stay tuned for some sick astrophotography shots!!
Here is a photo I took last weekend!
Took some notes during the UI/UX meeting I was at today
Finally shipped my first GitHub action! This is for the README feature that is coming to GitHub profiles. It allows you to show off you tech stack with a badgified table!
Here is an app I am working on for a social media platform called auralite. Written in flutter of course.